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About Us

        Our Services are The Best Alt to Air Ambulance. Luxury - Comfort - Quality - Price is what we stand by.Whether you wish us to escort you to and from your destination or to stay and provide all personal care during your trip.

To continue providing a superior Worldwide Travel Companion and Medical Escort Service to Travel by Land, Air or Sea.
At Medical escort services we are dedicated to maintaining superior care during all of our air medical escort and and air ambulance services transfers worldwide, while providing a cost-effective alternative. We care for your loved ones and we will get them to home safely. Trust us ,we are here to provide you with peace of mind.At Medical Escort Services we are proud to provide superior flight nurse,paramedic and RT staff that will meet and exceed your expectations. Medical escort is the service we would insist upon for our loved ones if we were in the same situation.

We have a 100% safety record and our unique low-price guarantee. Our air medical trained staff provides first aid monitoring, whether you wish us to escort you to and from your destination or to stay and provide all personal care during your trip. All trips details are personally handled by our Flight Coordinators and Case Managers, 24/7, leaving you to focus on what?s most important: the care of your loved one.

In the past we have worked as a subcontractor for major Companies leading todays market. TODAY WE ARE HERE TO CUT THE MIDDLE MEN AND GIVE YOU THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE
Company Overview
FoundedJune 2002
Medical Escort Services, operates the world's largest independently owned and operated membership-supported Air Medical Escort transportation service in the United States, conducting its operations through more than 10 mutually-supporting agencies.

The Company has established itself as the pre-eminent provider of Medical Escort Transport services Worldwide, serving over 500 diverse referral sources, including over 200 hospitals and 100 travel agencies, and attracting more than 4,000 members in support of its presence in their local communities.
We provide all types of alternatives to Air Ambulance to meet every need including: Commercial Medical Stretcher and Amtrak Companion Services. Medical Escort provides superior air medical escort services to clients both nationally and internationally utilizing the commercial or private airlines.

We have extensive expertise in medical escort, Our flight escort team have a diverse background experience including helicopter transport services, emergency departments, fixed wing air ambulance and intensive unit

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