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  Our Company commends the contribution that Medical Tourism Companies have by providing affordable medical care and we share your commitment to bridging the gap between the American consumer and medical providers abroad, by integrating travel companion services that will add a sense of reliability and peace of mind of those healing clients and relatives. We're confident that a collaboration between our companies will put your efforts leagues ahead of the competition.

We recognize that- along with its many benefits- medical tourism can create some additional risks that might intimidate the prospective consumer: the idea of traveling too soon after surgery, for instance.

A medical escort addresses concerns such as these, providing peace of mind and qualified attention as an added incentive for considering clients.

We can work together to make going abroad for surgery a great, secure way to save thousands in confidence.

Call our emergency number, day or night, including holidays and weekends.

Toll-free in North America,  1-833-ASK-1REP(275-1737)

From a foreign country, you may call  305-300-6025  

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