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Medical Tourism Companies FAQ

Which areas of the States do you cover?

Medical Escort Services strategically has branches in Mumbai India,  Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California which cover the US coast to coast, domestically, and virtually everywhere internationally, utilizing the existing private and commercial airline system.


How fast can you get to our patient or family member?

Our staff are located close to several major airports and on call 24 hours a day. Usually our staff can get to a patient within 24 hours


How many people are you currently servicing for care in overseas countries?

We started subcontracting with 3 South Florida companies in 2005, where we averaged 400-500 flights per year. Since 2007, we've originated our own clients- mostly for short term, one-off flights- averaging 250-300 flights per year, with a concentration on strengthening and diversifying our relationships amongst private and commercial carriers.


How can your company  help Health Insurance Overseas increase their policies sale?

Advantages: Cost. Most overseas policies are less expensive than equivalent policies valid in the U.S.

Disadvantages: Fear .Most people with pre-existing conditions or acute conditions . will not get Health Insurance Overseas due to fear of a long distance flight without a medical personnel

Solution :by offering our air escort services or optionally including our services to those policies the Overseas Health Insurance policies sale should increase


Is travel insurance the same or better?    

Travel insurance is good for a client that goes on vacation to come back home in case of a medical emergency

When clients travel for medical reasons they are predisposed to a higher % of complications. What would happen if that medical emergency occurs on the plane  on their way back home? Flying immediately after or within a few days of a surgery can cause some very serious complications . The combination of high altitude and sitting for long periods of time can cause  potentially fatal conditions. Less seriously, you also put yourself at risk of swelling and infections


1-The reason for having a medical escort in the first place is to recognize the client's deterioration early, and prevent an emergency from occurring. By the time a flight attendant recognizes a case of severe oxygen desaturation, damage may already have occurred.

2-A trained escort who knows the client's history and initial assessment can better maintain the client's condition, as well as providing comfort on an ongoing basis.                 


Can Client do this themselves? 

Many family members want to escort the client themselves, this can be challenging at best and could endanger the patient. Lacking the knowledge for adverse reactions to flight, such as oxygen deprivation, fluid intake and flight sickness can create undesired results. Our flight nurses have received training in altitude physiology and what the effects of flying aboard commercial aircraft will have on patients. 


Where do they go and what do they travel for?      

We provide our services worldwide and our clientele varies between business, medical and pleasure travel. For example, we escorted a 68 y/o female suffering from Hyponatremia(low sodium levels in the blood) to Costa Rica for cosmetic dental surgery. There was also a trip to Mexico for a gentleman receiving cosmetic facial surgery and ended up suffering an MI(heart attack).


Can a client travel while pregnant/or with a baby?

For the safety of the mother and unborn child, Medical Escort Services Travelers may only be transported until the 27th week of pregnancy (through the second trimester). If farther along, we can help expectant parents find the best medical care at the location. Under many circumstances, if the baby is born with complications, we can arrange transport for both mother and child and dad to the hospital of their choice


How is this cost effective to our clients?

It will be optional whether they wish us to escort them to and/or from their destination or to stay and provide all personal care during their trip


What do you offer for them and what would be your costs?

We offer our clients certified medical personnel that will add a sense of reliability and peace of mind for those with healing, and traveling relatives. It is always our goal to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost. Price is determined based primarily upon the medical condition of each client, because this will determine the type of aircraft or ground transportation that will be utilized, the medical supplies to be included, the medical team to be transported, the destination and the urgency of travel.


How can we incorporate your services to our Company? 

 These services can be incorporated as an in-house billed service or as a compensated referral, that aspect of our business alone could add to your revenue


How do I request an Medical Escort Services  transport?

Call our emergency number, day or night, including holidays and weekends. Toll-free in North America,  1-833-ASK-1REP(275-1737) From a foreign country, you may call  011-305-300-6025  or send an email   or fill out a quote request Get Quote  Our Flight Coordinators and Case Managers are available to help you 24 hours a day,365 days a year.