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Oxygen On Airlines (POC)

List of FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators for use:
  • Delphi Medical Systems RS-00400
  • Invacare XPO2
  • AirSep Lifestyle
  • AirSep Freestyle
  • Inogen One
  • SeQual Eclipse
  • Respironics EverGo

Airline Policies

AIRLINES AND THEIR CRITERIA ON POC USAGE All airlines which take off or land in the United States are now required to allow DOT-approved individually-owned Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) to be carried on and used aboard the plane, effective May 13, 2009. Still, keep in mind that airline policies may change without notice. Always verify the airline policy when you make your reservation. In addition, many airlines require notification of POC carry-ons. We suggest you call at least two weeks before your departure.

Aerolineas Argentinas

This company provides oxygen free of charge; doctor?s prescription required. Oxygen is not provided on flights from Madrid-Paris-Madrid, or Madrid-London-Madrid. POCs are a new concept to this company, and we could not determine whether they are following Federal Aviation standards and allowing the approved POCs on board.


Accepts approved POCs. The company stressed on the phone, was that passengers must have a medical release from their physician certifying their fitness to fly.

Air Berlin

Air Berlin allows all POCs approved by the Department of Transportation. Oxygen is available on board for a fee. They do not allow passengers that require a continuous supply of oxygen from canisters.

Air Canada

Very informative website. Air Canada allows all DOT approved POCs, 48 hours notification is required. Oxygen is provided by the airline; $150 each departure/arrival; need doctor?s prescription and 48 hours notice.

Air France

Does allow POC usage with consent from Air France medical service. Air France ?complies with all DOT regulations.? As always, 48 hours? notice should be provided to the airline if you are planning on bringing a POC on board, or want Air France to provide oxygen, iavailable at additional cost.

Air New Zealand

At least 72 hours notification for POC and oxygen (but you may well need more time to get Air New Zealand?s form signed by your physician). You must check in at least 1 hour in advance of the check-in deadline for your flight. Also, they require you print and fill out their MEDA form available on the website. MEDA form must be signed by a certified physician and faxed to the number provided on the form itself. This Airline is very thorough and tells you exactly what needs to be done and when on their website.


AirTran accepts all DOT approved POC devices. Physician?s letter and form required.

Air Tahiti Nui

Website has no information on actual POC policies. They state if you require special assistance to notify them upon booking your flight. Call customer service, 1-877-824-4846.

Alaska Airlines

Allows all DOT approved POCs, and while advance notice is not required by the company, it would be wise to do so anyway, to prevent any extremely inconvenient misunderstandings.


No mention of POCs. Oxygen available and provided by the airline; 96 hours advance notice must be provided. A medical form is required, and available on their website. Contact customer service to finalize arrangements. Be sure to mention your oxyge needs.


Allegiant Airlines does not supply medical oxygen. Allows all DOT approved POCs with prior notification.

American Airlines

Accepts all DOT approved POCs. Notify the reservations department at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled departure time.


Austrian Air allows all DOT approved POCs. At least 48 hours notice is required. Will provide oxygen with 72 hours? notice at extra cost.


Avianca says it allows five DOT approved POCs, Inogen One, AirSep LifeStyle, AirSep FreeStyle, Sequal Eclipse, Respironics EverGo. Requires prior notification and relevant documentations. The website contains all the information you will need.

British Airways

British Airways seems completely unfamiliar with the new regulation requiring them to allow POCs. Since this could cause you extreme inconvenience, we strongly recommend contacting British Airways at least two weeks before your planned departure. They stated that only two passengers per flight are allowed to use any type of oxygen equipement, therefore, make your arrangements with their staff as soon as you make your flight reservation. They will provide oxygen with doctor?s request and 48 hours? notice. Additional charge per flight segment.

Brussels Air

The website has no relevant information on POC usage. We will try and get this information up here as soon as possible. The airline does offer oxygen on board (up to 8 liter/minute). Prior notification to use this service is required by he airline, and costs of the oxygen must be paid for prior to the flight.

Cathay Pacific

All POC?s are allowed on board with at least 48 hours advanced notice and relevant documentation submitted. Oxygen is also provided on board at no charge to the passenger. The website has enough information provided to make the arrangements relatively easy.

China Airlines

Recently updated, China Airlines has fully complied with the Nondiscrimination update of the Department of Transportation. Due to the newness of this act, make sure to contact the airline well in advance of your departure date to notify them of your individual needs. Contact Disability Services at 1-800-778-4838.

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines follows all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines. All DOT approved POC?sare allowed on board all Continental flights. They request that their passengers also comply withthe FAA regulations and provide at least 48 hours notice if planning on using a POC on board any of their aircraft.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines complies completely withall FAA regulations and standards. Oxygen and POC?s can be provided by the airline, or the passenger may bring their own POC with them. As with any airline, notification must be provided at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.

Egypt Air

Does not allow POCs. Does provide oxygen free of charge. Requires 48 hours notice.

El Al

A list of approved POC?s may be found at the link. Any approved on board medical equipment may be subject to submission of an application in order to use the device on board the aircraft. Upon reservation, be sure to tell the agent of you intent to use your POC on board the flight and theyw ill guide you through the rest of the processes.

Emirates Airlines

Emerites Airlines ask that each of their customers fill out the appropriate MEDIF form, located on their website. Any customer needing special assistance or planning on bringing medical equipment on board is required to fill this form out. After the form is filled out, and the request is placed, the airlines staff will be able to help you with all arrangements, assuming the passenger is ?fit? enough to fly.


If you need to use a POC onboard a Finnair flight, they require that you fill out a MEDA form, to make sure you are fit to fly. Meda forms may be found on their website. Once you have this filled out and they know which type of POC you will be bringing, and that you are fit to fly, there should be no problem bringing your POC on board.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines allows all of the POC?s approved by the DOT with 48 hours notification prior to take-off. The codesharegroup (Great Lakes Airlines) does not allow POC?s, as stated by the Frontier website.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has an excellent website, with all of the necessary information present. They allow all the DOT approved POC?son board their aircraft withproper notification at least 48 hours in advance of your departure time. If you have any questions follow the link to the website and you should find your answers there.

Horizon Air

Horizon Air allows all the DOT approved POC?s on board their aircraft. They request a 48 hour notification when you intend on using your POC, but they state it is not a requirement. The website has all the available information you will need to get your trip underway comfortably.


Icelandair allows the following Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) systems onboard: AirSep LifeStyle, AirSep FreeStyle, Inogen One, SeQual Eclipse, or Respironics, EverGo. For more information, please see the website. There you will find detailed instructions and requirements that need to be addressed before you will be allowed to bring your POC on board one of Iceland Air?s aircraft.
Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines allow passengers to bring their approved portable medical equipment (including POC?s), with 72 hours notice for international flights. Their website has all the information you will need to go about setting up this arrangement. You will need to fill out a MEDIF form.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue allows all of the DOT approved POC?s on board as long as you meet all of their requirements specified at their website.

KLM Royal Dutch

Nothing on the website has anything about POC?s. They state that you cannot bring your own oxygen, and that with proper medical approval they will provide oxygen for you during the flight. Whether or not Royal Dutch airlines allows POC?s is being determined, and we will have this information up shortly.

Korean Airlines

Unfortunately the website for Korean Airlines restricts us, and we cannot give you a hyperlink to the part of the webpage relevant. Here is how to get there. Follow the link to the Korean Airlines website. Click on customer support, subsection ?About U.S. DOT Regulation?. Here you can view the entirty of the DOT policy, and how to setup bringing your approved POC on board a Korean Airlines aircraft.

Lan Airlines

The website for Lan Airlines has all the relevant information needed. This company provides therapeutic oxygen upon request and 48 hours advanced notice for $50.00 a bottle. They also allow POC?s on board with proper notification. The approved POC?s that this company allows on board are:
# Airsep ?Lifestyle?, produced by the Airsep corporation.
# Inogen One, produced by the Inogen corporation.
# Airsep ?Freestyle?, produced by the Airsep corporation.
# SeQual Eclipse produced by SeQual Technologies Inc.
# Respironics Evergo, produced by Respironics Inc


Their website has little to no information on this topic. They state that oxygen is available at additional cost, and with prior notification. Lufthansa states on their website that they have agreed and comply withall the new regulations put forth by the DOT and active on May 13th. 2009. Make sure to double check with them at the time of your reservation, and inform them of your intenet to bring a POC on board their aircraft.

Mexicana Airlines

Mexicana Airlines allows all DOT approved POC?s. Again, be sure to tell the agent upon booking your flight that you are planning on bringing a POC on board. Just to be safe, a friendly reminder 48 hours in advance of your departure time would be a good idea.

Midwest Airlines

Allows all DOT approved POC?s on board with at least 48 hours advanced notice. The link provided should offer you all the needed information.

Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines allows all of the DOT approved POC?s on board their aircraft. While it is not necessary that a customer notify the airlines that they are planning on using a POC, at least 48 hours notice is prefered so they may better assist you.

Novair (Nova Airlines)

Novair allows all DOT approved POC?s onboard with at least 48 hours advanced notice. Be sure to contact this company at the time of booking your flight! This company also states that they allow you to bring your own oxygen cannisters on board their airplanes. The link provides a list of the approved cylinders this company allows.

Polish Airlines LOT

Does allow POCs. Check with airline for models allowed. Advanced notice required, doctor?s form required. Free oxygen available on board.

Philippine Airlines

In-flight oxygen is offered (two tanks for international flights, one for domestic.) Fees dependant on airfare (speak to representative.) The airline deals with each customer individually, so when booking your flight, tell the ticket representative that you need to bring a POC on board, and there ?should not be a problem?.

This company allows you to use all DOT approved POC?s with prior notice. They Also require that you and your doctor fill out forms which tell them the absolute extent of your present health, and needs on board their aircraft. The link is to think form.


Ryanair has an excellent website! All the information you will need can be obtained here. They allow all approved POC?s, and require notification. If you follow the link provided, Ryanair provides a detailed instruction list on how to use your POC on board withno hangups, just follow their directions!

Saudi Arabian

Saudi Airlines? website states that they do not allow personal oxygen equiment on board their aircraft. They do state that they will provide any needed oxygen free of charge with advanced notice and doctors approval.
Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines is accomodatingfor all types of personal issues. They simply require that you inform them of your situation when making your travel arrangements and they will take the appropriate actions necessary to getting you in the air. They can also provide oxygen if need be.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines allows all of the approved POC?son board, and they give detailed instructions on the measures that need to be taken for you to use your POC on board their aircraft. Prior notification is needed, at least 48 hours in advance.

South African Airways

South African Airways attemps to deal withall matters, such as extra oxygen or POC usage personally. They require you fill out a form on their website before you travel. They follow all the FAA regulations, but it is up to the passenger to make the arrangements prior to their flight.

Southwest Airlines

A list of all approved POC?s for Southwest Airlines can be viewed at the link provided, along with instructions on how to go about registering and using your POC on board their aircraft.

Sun Country

One of the most up-to-date websites we have seen. They state clearly that they follow all the regulations set forth by the DOT?s ?Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Transportation? policy. They accept all the approved POC?s, and their website has all information needed to get you in the air comfortably and without hangup.

Sunwing Airlines

All the necessary information can be found at the sites very in depth website. They tell you how to inform them of your need, and exactly which of the approved POC?s they accommodate on board. They require prior notification, so plan accordingly.


Does not allow POCs. Oxygen is available with advance notice and extra fee.Requires Physician?s letter and medical forms prior to flight.

United Airlines

United airlines has stopped living in the past!!! They now allow all DOT approved POC?s, AND all other brands of POC that meet the carry-on size limitations. The link to their website has all the information you will need. As with any airline, a 48-hour notification of intent to use a POC on board their aircraft is needed.

Customers with disabilities Link

US Airways

The link to the website is all you need. There accept all the DOT approved POC?s with the standard 48-hours prior notice if you intend to use your POC on board their aircraft. As is the case with all airlines, it is up to the customer to make their own arrangements, so make sure you notify the airline of your situation at the time of booking your flight, sot hey can guide you through the proper steps needed to insure you have a safe and comfortable trip.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a company that tries to deal with all passengers personally. They do allow you to use a POC on board their flights, but you must contact their ?special assistance department? to make sure your POC can be cleared for use on board. Follow the link and it will guide you through the steps. As always, be sure to notify the agent upon purchasing your ticket of your intent to bring your POC on board.


WestJet allows some POC?sfor usage. A list is available at the link provided. This airline has very specified rules to using your POC on board, so make sure you follow the instructions they provide on the website closely, to avoid any confusion or hassle.