Medical Escort Services Alt to Air Ambulance

Worldwide Air Medical Transport


Commercial or Private Medical Air Escort Service, an appropriate alternative when the  client is capable of sitting during take-off and landing and has limited need for oxygen. Our flight nurses and paramedics can travel with a client who is stable . Our escorts are aero-trained flight nurses and paramedics who assist with mobility, medical and hygiene needs. We handle all of the arrangements, from booking first class seats for the  client and the escort, making sure wheelchairs and oxygen are available when needed, arranging ground transportation if connecting flights are involved, and managing the  client's  condition during the flight. We accompany the  client's from the discharging facility to the receiving facility or their home.

International Commercial Airline Stretcher Service is an option when your loved one becomes ill or injured abroad. The service is a tremendous cost savings over air ambulance, yet still provides the highest level of comfort for the  client. Our Flight Coordinators work directly with the airline to ensure that the plane is prepared for the trip. The airline will remove several rows of seating in the back of the plane to allow for a regulation air medical stretcher and all necessary equipment. Additionally, the staff coordinates and manages all aspects of the flight,  ticketing, obtaining visas if necessary, arranging for all ground transportation, clearing the patient transport with government agencies and scheduling.

 Medical Escort via Amtrak. The client is accompanied by one of our highly-trained flight nurses or paramedics in a sleeper car of an Amtrak train. This is a less expensive alternative to air ambulance services , and is appropriate when time is not a critical consideration. The  client travels comfortably, lying down, with all of the amenities of rail travel provided. The flight nurse or paramedic assists with  meals, hygiene, mobility and all other care issues. As with our other transport options, comprehensive and detailed arrangements are handled by our Case Managers and Flight Coordinators.


   Adoption Escort Services A dedicated staff will assist prospective parents who are adopting a child abroad. The staff will help oversee all of the logistical and travel issues that may arise, and help facilitate the transition from the adoptive country back to the home country.


  Accompanied Minor Transport A dedicated staff will accompany the children and minors to any destination, worldwide. The agent will meet the parent or guardian at a predetermined pick up point and  escort the minor securely throughout the entire journey, and drop off the minor  at the pre-determined delivery point. Your child will be under our constant supervision throughout the entire journey until we reach the predetermined destination. The agent will  maintain communication with the parents or guardians throughout the trip. Your child's safety and welfare is our priority.

 Limos and Towncars are also sometimes used to escort a  client who is  stable but who needs some assistance.

  First Aid   Response Team offers on-site first aid personnel for events ranging from private parties to sporting events.

Our Flight Coordinators and Case Managers will discuss all of these options with you, to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective way to transport your loved one.


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